Haunted Leopard Print Gloves Strange Ghost

Haunted Leopard Print Gloves Strange Ghost
Haunted Leopard Print Gloves Strange Ghost, 2008
Digital C-Print, 8x10"

Up for bid is an original photograph of a haunted pair of gloves. The photograph is by artist, Erik Dalzen, and is titled "Haunted Leopard Print Gloves Strange Ghost" The photograph measures 8x10 inches. From a limited edition of 10 prints, this being #1/10. Signed, numbered, and dated on the back.

This photograph features a pair of haunted leopard print gloves*. After purchasing the gloves from a second hand store my friend was plagued by strange events. I was summoned out of bed repeatedly following whispered phone calls asking me to search her home. A number of occurrences follow:

Frequently, in bed and alone, she saw shadows pass under her door as though someone were walking through the hallway, past her room.

Another instance she awoke in the night to the crinkling of a plastic bag. Thinking her cat was playing with the bag she called to it. The noise stopped. As she shifted her body she felt the cat, already sleeping at her side!

The most startling event occurred on a night as she prepared to leave home. On said evening, she had the gloves in hand, set them on her kitchen counter, and ran upstairs to fetch her purse. Moments later, returning to the kitchen every cabinet and drawer stoop gaping open.

If one pair of gloves is a nexus for an unknown ghost between this world and another perchance ten photographs, in the gloves' likeness, will become it's network. The first lucky bidder is sure to find out if the manifestations follow.
*This is only background information about the gloves pictured. The actual gloves are not included in this auction. If you are the winning bidder you will receive a photograph in the mail shipped in a flat envelope.

Ends: 12.14.2008 06:20:46 PM PST Boo!

Sold for $1.25

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