Gandhi Glasses Wire-Rimmed "Eyes" Mahatma India

Gandhi Glasses Wire-Rimmed "Eyes" Mahatma India
Gandhi Glasses Wire-Rimmed "Eyes" Mahatma India, 2009
Ink on paper, 7.5x8.5"

Up for bid is an original drawing of Mahatma Gandhi's wire-frame glasses. The drawing is by artist, Erik Dalzen, and is titled "Gandhi Glasses Wire-Rimmed "Eyes" Mahatma India." Ink drawing on BFK Tan 100% archival cotton rag paper. The drawing measures 7.5x7.5 inches. This is a unique, one-of-a-kind, historically important drawing. Signed and dated on the back.

Gandhi was the ascetic of the century (as well as Time magazine's Man of the Year in 1930 and five time Nobel Peace Prize nominee between 1937 and 1948). Of the few items he did own, his wire-rimmed glasses* were his trademark feature. They accompanied him all over the place; throughout different countries, to lots of people's houses, to prison and on trains. As The Father of the Nation Gandhi's "eyes" helped him to obtain the vision to transform India and lay the foundation for it's independence movement. Glasses are very fine, uber rare and historically important. They are also pretty cool looking given the right head shape.
*This is background information about the Gandhi's glasses and does not pertain to the drawing itself. The actual glasses are not included in this auction. If you are the winning bidder you will receive a drawing in the mail.

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Look good! I like that they are off centered. I bid. I hope I win this time!