California Raisins Ben Indasun Plush 5" 1987

California Raisins Ben Indasun Plush 5" 1987
California Raisins Ben Indasun Plush 5" 1987, 2010
Digital C-Print, 8x10"

Up for bid is an original photograph of a California Raisin. The photograph is by Erik Dalzen and is titled "California Raisins Ben Indasun Plush 5" 1987". Measures 8x10 inches, including white border. Limited edition, 1/10. Signed, numbered, and dated on the back. The first print from each edition commences bidding at $0.99. Bidding on subsequent prints from the edition starts at the determined value of the preceding print, i.e. - If this print were to sell for $100.00. Then bidding on 2/10 would start at $100.00.

California Raisins* are the sweetest thing since dried grapes. These groovy edibles wore sunglasses and shoes! as they romanced audiences across television screens everywhere. Ben Indasun is an official licensed product by Applause Inc., containing the original tag, and features fully bendable arms and legs. This happy morsel of joy is guaranteed to be "raisin" your level of self worth as you spend time looking at him.
*Please note: This is only background information about the figure in the photograph up for bid. Again, this auction is for a photograph and not a California Raisin collectable.

Auction ends: 03.07.2010 19:02:36 PST Help raisin the bid.

Sold for $.99.

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