29th auction

Polaroid Type 55 Pos/Neg 4x5 Film Unopened 6/06 closed at $56.00 the second time around. However, like the first time it was sought for in error–the bidder thinking it was for the film.


Canceled bids

It would appear that bolded text, all caps, italics, and additional clarification devices are useless when people simply do not read the item description. I emailed the two highest bidders recently and sure enough:

Thank you for your email. Actually I didn't see it was as you said not for the box but a complete diffrent project about a photo about this item. Sorry for this. Could you so cancel my auction? Hope you will find someone interested!
Thank you !

Sorry, I am not interested! Please disregard my bid! Best,



I was trying to verify some bids on Polaroid Type 55 Pos/Neg 4x5 Film Unopened 6/06 and received a new notice from eBay:

The curious part of it is that eBay only prevented me from contacting the high bidder. I successfully contacted the second highest bidder. My reconnaissance work shows that the high bidder has been buying up rare Polaroid film...