Jane Hutcheson Metal Enamel Flower Bouquet Gorham

A most amazing photograph of an enameled flower bouquet on a white background
Jane Hutcheson Metal Enamel Flower Bouquet Gorham, 2010
Digital C-Print, 8x10"

Up for bid is an original photograph of a beautiful Jane Hutcheson floral piece. The photograph is by Erik Dalzen and is titled "Jane Hutcheson Metal Enamel Flower Bouquet Gorham". 8x10 inches, including white border. Limited edition, 1/10. Signed, numbered, and dated on the back. The first print from each photographic edition commences bidding at $0.99. Bidding on subsequent prints starts at the sale price of the preceding print, i.e. - If this print were to close at $100.00. The opening bid on 2/10 would be $100.00.

This exquisitely designed metal flower bouquet by Jane Hutcheson will be, "blooming beautifully from here to eternity to grow more precious with time…" This piece dates back to the 1970s from the Fleur des Si├Ęcles line of jeweled and enameled objets d'art for the Gorham Silver Company. Each arrangement is meticulously crafted taking inspiration from 17th century Vincennes porcelain flowers with each metal leaf and flower made by hand. The arrangement is further accented by the circular, glass rose bowl on a gold plated, square, claw-foot pedestal. Excellent overall condition, with no missing flowers, only a few tiny spots of wear to enamel.
*Please note: This is only background information about the bouquet featured in the photograph up for bid. Again, this auction is for a photograph and not a flower arrangement.

Auction ends: 02.23.2010 23:31:38 PST Bid on.


Had some issues with the photograph not showing up in the item search or listing. Had to cancel and relist the item. Links have been updated with the new url.

Sold for $2.25

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