Wavves S/T Cassette Tape Lo-Fi OOP Rare FIT

Wavves S/T Cassette Tape Lo-Fi OOP Rare FIT
Wavves S/T Cassette Tape Lo-Fi OOP Rare FIT, 2009
Digital C-Print, 8x10"

Up for bid is an original photograph of the Wavves cassette. The photograph is by Erik Dalzen and is titled "Wavves S/T Cassette Tape Lo-Fi OOP Rare FIT". 8x10 inches, including white border. Limited edition, 1/10. Signed, numbered, and dated on the back. The first print from each photographic edition commences bidding at $0.99. Bidding on subsequent prints starts at the sale price of the preceding print, i.e. - If this print were to close at $20.00. The opening bid on 2/10 would be $20.00.

Debut release from Wavves*. Wavves is Nathan William's fuzzy noise trash lo-fi surf rock four-track beach punk one piece sensation. This little, petroleum by-product, wonder tape squelches out twelve track in 30 minutes. Ever so out of print. FIT061.
*Please note: This is only background information on the cassette that appears in the photograph up for bid. Again, this auction is for a photograph and not a tape.

Auction ends: 10.06.2009 17:45:32 PDT Participate.

Did not sell.

31st auction

Mark Twain Corn Cob Pipe Authentic Artifact sold for $2.25.


Relisted - Mark Twain Corn Cob Pipe Authentic Artifact

Mark Twain Corn Cob Pipe Authentic Artifact
Mark Twain Corn Cob Pipe Authentic Artifact, 2009
Ink on paper, 7.5x5"

This item has been relisted due to a non-paying high bidder.

If you grow wheat just to get the chaff, you're crazy...but if you grow corn to get the cob you're smart. - Mark Twain

It is an understatement to say that Mark Twain was an avid smoker. His instrument of choice was a corn-cob pipe. The corn-cob pipe is a light pipe made from a hollowed-out cob of Indian corn that gives off a sweet smell. It colors brown with use, ultimately turning black and hence is also know as "The Missouri Meerschaum." Twain never smoked a new corn-cob pipe. In his words, "I always hire a cheap man–a man who doesn't amount to much, anyhow–who would be as well–or better–dead, and let him break in the pipe for me. I get him to smoke the pipe for a couple of weeks, then put in a new stem, and continue operations as long as the pipe holds together." This particular pipe outlived Twain and based on appearances still has quite a bit of life left. It is in excellent condition, serving as a relic of its age as well as a characteristic artifact of Twain himself.

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Sold for $2.25


Real Four 4 Leaf Clover Shamrock Lucky Charm Juju 2/10

Real Four 4 Leaf Clover Shamrock Lucky Charm Juju
Real Four 4 Leaf Clover Shamrock Lucky Charm Juju, 2008
Digital C Print, 2/10, 8x10"

More rare than albinism, a four lear clover is sure to bring good luck. Discovered in a renegade clover patch off the streets of Santa Maria, Brasil, this biological oddity is housed in a self made contact paper laminate. Measures slightly smaller than a credit card, providing optimal portability. It would be the acme of genius to acquire such a charm.

Bidding, on subsequent prints from an edition, opens at the sale price of the preceding print, i.e. - Print 1/10 closed at $18.50 thus bidding on 2/10 opens at $18.50.

Auction ends 9.15.2009 20:56:15 PDT - Place a bid

Item did not sell


Up to speed

I have recently undergone a couple of those major life changing events and have been rather occupied over the last couple of months. Commodities has been neglected in that time. However, things have calmed down a bit and new listings are to follow shortly. But to get the blog up to speed, a past critic and a new one emailed me during the Polaroid Type 55 auction:

Dear *commodities*,
I read your blog, I prefer excitement/bidding on actual items, thank you. As expected you're already canceling bids from those duped. Wasting other's time with misleading ads, I doubt that's your intent. But like the self-indulgent who tag an overpass, forcing their work upon anyone who drives that road, this kind of thing robs the viewer of the ability to be a WILLFUL participant in the art process. What of those who do not want to participate, isn't that abuse? In the end you may excite select friends and associates, teachers, whomever you made privy to what you are up to. As for the rest, you will simply reinforce in MOST minds the notion that art is stupid, mundane, and an irritant to be avoided. No wonder the arts are under attack financially and their place questioned. FYI, I use polaroid 55..with my art background your message is lost on me because its forced + the distraction merely ads to my day's clutter. *When art has nothing to say at what point does it become meaningless?
- tios_corner

Dear *commodities*, (later that same day)
Maybe this is more a problem of venue. This may be more successful in a different setting, perhaps a private auction where participants can willingly elect to participate. It just evokes a negative reaction in me as you have this structured currently. Especially at a time in our post-modern society where so much about the arts is being attacked in our centers of government and the courts, I think we need to be careful not to alienate. So many voices all vying to be heard, if the message has the appearance of being forced it can be enough to turn the heart and mind against it.
- tios_corner


Dear *commodities*,
You seem to be getting a lot of negative comments from ignorant people, so thought I'd email you to say that this is a really interesting project, very nicely thought out. I particularly liked your CV style list of previous and current exhibitions.
all the best
- manic_narcolept