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1940-D 21hrs 30mins left

Less than a day left on the first Commodities auction. It's at $7.50, had 6 bids, and has 4 watchers. This is the first print of a ten edition set.

In other news, everything has bids. Sony TPS-L2 Walkman 1st Portable Cassette Player is getting some good questions and additional information from Walkman collectors. It has also received the most visits at 194, thus far. Andrea Modica Treadwell Signed 1st Ed 1996 and Hickok Beltogram Sterling Silver Watch Fob Key are currently the most affordable with the next bid at just $1.04. While Virgin Mary In Grilled Cheese Apparition Simulacrum has been posted for the least amount of time, it is making the speediest clime in price, currently at $7.50.

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