Question II regarding Polaroid Type 55 Pos/Neg 4x5 Film Unopened 6/06

Q: I have a degree in art and this is THEE most retarded art 'thing' I've ever seen on ebay. I will be sure to avoid this erik jackass's supposed "work" with all haste as life is too short to waste time on something like this that says absolutely nothing. Just plain stupid. You should be embarrassed for selling this and so should your boy erik.

A: Congratulations on getting an art degree! The eloquence of you critique speaks volumes to the caliber of your education. Further your knowledge at thecommodities.blogspot.com.


MegRuth said...

I think it's interesting that the only people that seem to have problems with your work are people trying to buy photographic related items.

Word to your boy Erik.

Ian Aleksander Adams said...

Man, it was so close to being perfect, but you said "you" instead of "your." Easy mistake when typing quick and laughing your ass off at the same time, but it's a shame that you can't edit responses on ebay.

Erik Dalzen said...

Nurtz. I was thinking there was a typo but when I glanced over it I thought it checked out.

colin said...

Awesome! This guy has been harassing me too: