NES Nintendo Game Lot Rad 48 Cart Classic

NES Nintendo Game Lot Rad 48 Cart Classic
NES Nintendo Game Lot Rad 48 Cart Classic, 2010
Digital C-Print, 8x10"

Up for bid is an original photograph of a lot of nintendo games. The photograph is by Erik Dalzen and is titled "NES Nintendo Game Lot Rad 48 Cart Classic". Measures 8x10 inches, including white border. Limited edition, 1/10. Signed, numbered, and dated on the back. The first print from each edition commences bidding at $0.99. Bidding on subsequent prints from the edition starts at the determined value of the preceding print, i.e. - If this print were to sell for $100.00. Then bidding on 2/10 would start at $100.00.

NES Nintendo game lot* includes a delectable range of titles ranging from 'Much Rarer' to 'Unbelievably Common'. List of titles, followed rarity ranking, below. All games in tested working condition.

3-D Worldrunner - C-
Balloon Fight - C+
Battletoads - D
Castlevania - E
Castlevania II Simon's Quest - C-
Castlevania III Dracula's Curse - C
Contra - E
Donkey Kong Classics - B-
Dragon Warrior - E
Dragon Warrior II - C+
Excitebike - E
Goonies II, The (x2) - C+
Gotcha - C
Gradius - C-
Hogan's Alley - D
Ikari Warriors - C-
Jeopardy! - C
Jeopardy! 25th Anniversary Edition - C+
Legend of Zelda, The - E
Life Force - C
Marble Madness - C
Mega Man 3 - C
Mega Man 6 - B-
Metal Gear - D
Milon's Secret Castle - C
Monsters In My Pocket - B
Ninja Gaiden - E
Pac Man - B+
Paperboy - C
R.C. Pro-Am - D
Rad Gravity - B
Rad Racer - D
Rampart - B
Rocket Ranger - C+
Rygar - C
Section Z - C
Siver Surfer - C+
Skate or Die - D
Skate or Die 2 - B-
Snake's Revenge - B-
Solstice - C-
Stinger - B-
Super Mario Bros. 2 - D
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt - F
T&C Surf Designs - E
Tetris - E
Yoshi - C

F = Unbelievably Common
E = Very Common
D = Common
C- = Borderline Common
C = Uncommon
C+ = Not Quite Rare
B- = Borderline Rare
B = Rare
B+ = Much Rarer
A- = These Will Require A Lot Of Looking
A = A True Conversation Piece
A+ = VERY Limited Production, Either Late Release Or Never Distributed

*Please note: This is only background information about the games in the photograph up for bid. Again, this auction is for a photograph and not any Nintendo games.

Auction ends: 03.07.2010 19:02:36 PST Bid on.


Transaction canceled after closing at $93, due to confusion over goods offered.

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