35th Auction

NES Nintendo Game Lot Rad 48 Cart Classic closed at $93 only to be canceled due to confusion.

Dear *commodities*,
Can you please cancel this transaction? I thought I was bidding on games, not a photo. Please sell to the next highest bidder and cancel this. Thanks
Why are you selling a photo anyways?
- rzeznikrocks

Dear rzeznikrocks,
We can cancel the sale. I will open a case with the resolution center. You will be contacted and can consent to mutually cancel.

This photograph is part of an ongoing art project called Commodities. The intent of the project is to raise questions about value, originality, commodification, and art production/distribution. You can read more about the project at thecommodities.blogspot.com and at erikdalzen.com.

As a buyer who bid in error, what was it that lead to your confusion and when did you realize the mistake? I would prefer to avoid this type of confusion in the future and any insight into your thoughts would be appreciated.
- *commodities*


Dear *commodities*,
Ok thank you. Sorry for the error. I read it very fast and I saw it said "games are tested and work" so I assumed they were games.
- rzeznikrocks

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