1940-D Silver Washington Quarter VG 2/10

1940 D Silver Washington Quarter VG.
1940-D Silver Washington Quarter VG, 2008
Digital C Print, 2/10, 8x10"

Washington silver quarters were minted 1932-1964 and contain 90% silver and 10% copper, unlike todays "Johnson sandwhich," that is composed predominately of copper with 8.33% nickel. The 1940 Denver mint coin was not the rarest minted of the Washington silver quarters but it is among the most difficult to find in high grades. Circulated coin, very good condition.

Each subsequent print from this edition will commence bidding at the determined value of the previous print based on the preceding auction collaboration, i.e. - Print 1/10 closed at $7.50 thus bidding on 2/10 opens at $7.50.

Auction ends 7.27.2009 18:25:35 PDT - Place a bid

Sold for $7.50

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