27th auction

Polaroid Type 55 Pos/Neg 4x5 Film Unopened 6/06 closed at $81.00. However it did not actually sell. Lots of confused bidders:

"Please retract my bid I thought it was for an actual box of film i should of read more...Thanks"

"Wow I looked at all your stuff and its pretty cool and a very interesting subject matter... I can't believe your selling these photographs, are you shooting them with digital only or are you using a large format camera?" (from same bidder as previous comment)

"I was under the impression that this was a box of actual film; I didn't note that this was a photograph of the box. Would you refund our payment and give the photograph to the next highest bidder?"

"no thanks....I thought it was for a box of Type55 Polaroid film also....to me this is false advertising you have done"

"I thought it was a box of film with "Photo - " being used to id the category. However, I didn't win it."

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